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The root certificate file is,
available from

The current version is valid from 20/10/2016 at 16:00:58 GMT until 20/10/2019 at 16:00:58 GMT.

The checksums of the file are:

sha256sum b1608502b8237186748585440e33140735ec28e2fecbc014368065ca1a7f54d9
sha1sum   bd89a3bab19e40dd8e950bf4de2c5c5e5f5cb57f
md5sum    f09754fd6c2feedb5600779a586a27fe

The fingerprints of the certificate in DER format are:

SHA-256 fingerprint CA:76:C9:E6:28:A2:6E:D9:9E:10:C3:6A:D1:8F:13:A0:ED:E6:50:23:C5:D4:DE:9F:BE:08:DA:BA:A8:67:CD:66
SHA-1 fingerprint   8C:00:8A:D2:CF:D1:CC:93:1E:88:3C:1E:AE:B0:73:CC:32:65:BB:6C
MD5 fingerprint     9D:74:11:44:77:48:DE:B4:E2:09:FD:AD:E9:A4:0F:50